Yay! Go, Sports!
Yay go sports final

A podcast helping sports-likers sound more like sports-lovers, hosted by Luke Brawner.

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    [Basketball] One and Done, with Nathan Schartz

    In this episode, Luke's dear friend Nathan Schartz explains the "One and Done" trend in college basketball, and to no one's surprise, his opinions thereon.

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    [Hockey] Shots & Passes, with Joshua Bashor

    In this episode, Luke sits down with his Canadian hockey loving friend Joshua Bashor to learn about the various types of shots and passes in hockey.

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    [General] Farm Systems, with Nathan Schartz

    In this episode, Luke listens to his most consistent coach, Nathan Schartz, talk about "farm systems" in the NBA and MLB, while inching ever closer to crossing the line into political incorrectness once and for all.

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    [Football] The Route Tree, with Josh Brawner

    In this episode, Luke ventures deep into the cavernous vault of useless sports information that is his older brother's brain to extract one tiny nugget of football knowledge: what is the route tree?

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