Yay! Go, Sports!
Yay go sports final

A podcast helping sports-likers sound more like sports-lovers, hosted by Luke Brawner.

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    [General] Overtime, with Nathan Schartz

    In this episode, Nathan Schartz is back to explain what happens in the case of a tie score at the end of regulation play in football, baseball and basketball... and to, once again, mispronounce the word 'vehemently'.

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    [Primer] Fishing Primer, with J.W. Brawner

    In this primer episode, Luke sits down with his youngest nephew, J.W. Brawner, to learn the basic equipment required for fishing, despite the fact that he'd absolutely never go fishing and doesn't really believe it to be an actual "sport," (but whatever).

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    [Basketball] Crossovers, with J.W. Brawner

    In this episode, Luke sits down with his newest (and youngest) coach, his 11 year old nephew, J.W. Brawner, to learn what a crossover is in basketball

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    [Football] Blitzes, with Triston Brawner

    In this episode, Luke] sits down with his formerly chubby-cheeked but now enviably six-packed nephew Triston to learn about blitzing in football.

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    [Basketball] Types of Shots, with Nathan Schartz

    Things get pretty basic in this episode, when Luke's lifelong bestie Nathan Schartz explains the various types of shots in basketball, (but not without referencing Vince Carter's "manhood").

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