Yay! Go, Sports!
Yay go sports final

A podcast helping sports-likers sound more like sports-lovers, hosted by Luke Brawner.

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    [Football] Screen Passes, with Brion Daugherty

    In this episode Luke's dear friend and newest coach Brion Daugherty explains screen passes in football, and uses the word "buckaroo" most unexpectedly

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    [Baseball] Balks, with Nick Willard

    In this episode Luke's dear friend Nick Willard returns to explain the irritatingly named "balk" in baseball.

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    [Football] Safeties, with Nathan Schartz

    In this episode Luke's lifelong BFF Nathan Schartz explains, with reportedly no bias whatsoever, the tremendous importance and function of his former football position, the safety.

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    [General] Fantasy Sports Drafts, with Josh Brawner

    In this episode Luke's brother Josh, who teased him relentlessly throughout their childhood and adolescence, very hypocritically explains how fantasy sports drafts work, trying to make them sound somehow superior to other fantasy mediums.

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